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5 Ways to Add Value

AddingValueConnecting with people is about building relationships.  To develop strong relationships we have to value people, in other words show how much we care for and appreciate them.

We do this by adding value to their lives with intentional acts of service. We focus on them, not on ourselves.

Here are five things you can do to add value to others.

1. Give Away a Personal Development Book.
If you’re like me you have a few shelves filled with personal development books you’ve read. Why not encourage someone else with their development by giving  them one of your books? You’ve benefited from them, now share the wealth.  If you want to keep your hard copy, online retailers make it easy for you to send one as a gift. Start someone on the road to personal development today.

2. Share Articles on Social Media.
Many leaders continue their personal development by searching out and reading articles online to increase their leadership level. Use social media to add value by sharing your finds. Most articles today have ‘share buttons’ at the end making it simple to send them via social media.

3. Take Time to Get to Know Someone. 
Another way to build a strong connection someone is getting to know them. Find people you are interested in and invite them to lunch. The purpose is to get to know them better.  Don’t focus on business, relax and find out who they are. The more you know about someone’s interests, their hopes and dreams, and what’s important to them, the easier it is to connect.

4. Connect People.
Do you know people in your circle of influence who could benefit personally or professionally by connecting with each other? Become the connector. Introduce them to one another and then step aside. Become known as someone who adds value by connecting people.

5. Send a Greeting Card Each Day.
There are any number of opportunities each day to thank someone, congratulate or encourage another or express gratitude. Taking the time send a greeting card will make a tremendous impact on the recipient. Create a list of those you want to send a card to and add them to your calendar. The investment will pay big dividends in stronger relationships.

We can only add value to others if we truly value them. Finding opportunities to do so helps build strong connections. 

Question: What do you do to intentionally connect with people?