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Leadership Workshop

Becoming a Person of Influence is based on John Maxwell’s book (of the same title) and is essential for anyone who aspires to grow as a leader. A person’s influence does not develop overnight, but rather through a progression of four stages: modeling, motivating, mentoring, and multiplying. Influence can be acquired, but it only grows in increments. The good news is that no matter where you stand on the stairway of influence, there are learnable qualities to help you climb to the next step.

The content of the workshop includes:

  1. Having integrity
  2. Nurturing other people
  3. Having faith in people
  4. Listening to people
  5. Understanding people
  6. Enlarging people
  7. Navigating for other people
  8. Connecting with other people
  9. Empowering people
  10. Reproducing other influencers