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Communication Workshop

Put Your Dream to the Test will help you transform your dream from a vague notion of an ideal future into a clear picture of where you’re headed in life. The book serves as a tool to diagnose your odds of achieving your dream. In each session you are presented with a single, incisive question prompting you to refine your dream and to solidify your plan for achieving it.

We explore the following concepts:

  1. Is your dream really you dream?
  2. Do you clearly see your dream?
  3. Are you depending on factors within your control to achieve your dream?
  4. Does your dream compel you to follow it?
  5. Do you have a strategy to reach your dream?
  6. Have you included the people needed to realize your dream?
  7. Are you willing to pay the price for your dream?
  8. Are you moving closer to your dream?
  9. Does working toward your dream bring satisfaction?
  10. Does your dream benefit others?

*Unless otherwise stated, all workshop prices are negotiated based on the requirements of the participants.