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5 Ways to Add Value

Connecting with people is about building relationships.  To develop strong relationships we have to value people, in other words show how much we care for and appreciate them. We do this by adding value to their lives with intentional acts of service. We focus on them, not on ourselves. Here are five things you can do to add value to others. 1. […]

Law of Connection

Leaders touch a heart before asking for a hand. When working with people, whether one-on-one or in a group of hundreds, connecting with the heart comes first. We don’t usually pay attention to someone unless they connect with us on some emotional level. We associate with people because we feel an emotional connection. Once you connect emotionally it’s amazing how […]


An encouraging word can change the direction of someone’s day. Taking a minute to appreciate and encourage a stranger, friend or family member costs you nothing but pays huge dividends to the hearer.