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Everyone Communicates, Few Connect


We show leaders how to get the message across by building a bridge to others. Cultivating relationships is every bit as important to effective communication as crafting the message. The insightful principles are critical to understand if you desire to forge a lasting bond with those around you. Whether applied in private conversations or public speeches, connecting practices will give you the edge as a leader.


In this lunch and learn series you will discover and discuss the concept that when leaders connect with their people, the results are magical.

The sessions include:


  1. Connection inspires trust, motivates hard work, and generates positive momentum.
  2. If you want to communicate with others, you have to get over yourself.

As a communicator, nothing can happen through you until it happens in you.

  1. To make a connection, a leader must expend energy to step toward the audience both relationally and emotionally.
  2. Becoming a connecting communicator is a process.
  3. When attempting to bridge a communication gap, don’t start the process by giving your opinions.
  4. Simplification is a skill and it’s necessary if you want to get through when you communicate.
  5. If you want to connect with another person, you have to be interesting.
  6. Leaders set the tone in an organization by how they approach their work and how they approach their people.


Credible communicators walk the talk.

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